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Video of the Month
Video of the month - November 2011
( 37 Votes )
Only a few days ago a short interview featuring Ville poped out from Revolver magazine where he was chosen to be the Hottest Dude in Hard Rock and Metal.
Voters became more than 400, 000 people, 150, 000 of which voted for Ville.
In the interview he reveals why they have slowed down the work on the new album and when we can expect the new songs. It turns out that Gas had some problems with his arms wich was the main reason to postpone the rehearsals. It seems, though, that from December on everything will be fine and they can continue working. :) The whole interview you can read from HERE

In Joy And Sorrow - Live 2001 - Emsdetten
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Video of the month - November 2011
( 30 Votes )
With a slight delay, here is this month's video. The best possible quality of this song available in the web! ;)
HIM - Enjoy the Silence (Live At Virus 1998)
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Video of the month - September 2011
( 26 Votes )

The official website of the band www.heartagram.com has been closed. Do not pannic people, the website is not permanently closed, but stopped with no note for how long but maybe this whole story hides a great future surprise ;) In my oppinion it won't be less than a month or two, maybe more but one of the reasons is the fact that the website is no longer hosted by Warner in US, but its new home is nowhere else but Finland :P
If you wonder what exactly is going on - its simple: some other people will take care of the website from now on. These people will create a new design, they will bring in some new idas and when all is done will be launched back again togather with the new album.

The other more important news is that Linde is working on his 3d album. With the name Daniel Lioneye, he already has two albums, very different one from another when it comes to styles. The third soumds like it will be some kind of a mixture between the two... :D The whole interview can be read HERE

And of course video of September!
HIM - Beyond Redemption (Live at Taubertal Fest 2003)
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Video of the month - August 2011
( 32 Votes )
In the official website of Helldone was announced that his year, as well, the festival won't take place. The reason, as mentioned, is that HIM are working on their new album and will be occupied completely with it. Let's hope that since September "the curtains will fall down" and we will find out more about their new ideas and plans. :)

HIM - Wings of a Butterfly - Jimmy Kimmel Show - summer 2006
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Video of the Month - July 2011
( 35 Votes )
Ville was filmed last week in Helsinki. He looks qute alright and that's all for now. :)
Velvet Six & Ville Valo | Illves Bar | Helsinki

Classic...back to real HIM or whatever you call it, but everything started back there....

HIM at Ilosaarirock 1998 - The beginning of the End
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