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Video of the Month
Video of the Month - July 2013

Nothing left but to wish you all a very sunny summer! If only something urgent comes out aboout the band! In youtube you will be able to find almost the full concerts from  Warsaw, Ruisrock  and Maxidrom. In August I will try to upload a 30 minute video to be downloaded from the Nova Rock Festival in Austria.  

From the middl eof August the band is hitting the road to America. At Rock Allegiance tour HIM will be playing togather with bands such as  Volbeat and Airbourne. Then, during the Fall there will be many gigs across Europe, so I am encouraging you to look around for dates in the closer to us countries if you can go and see them live. They will be in Viena on October the 10nth, and after that they will be supported in Germany by Paradise Lost again.

Vote for the album of the year -  Tears On Tape 2013 - YLEX

Scared To Death (Secret show Live in Berlin 2010)
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Video of the month - June 2013
Be eager! Very soon new photographs and a  new video from the  Nova Rock Festival 2013 will be a treat for you in our website! The closest distination to see the band live is Viena at this stage. The gig is still not added to the band's facebook page, but at Nova Rock there were posters ( as well as Ville himselve confirmed), that on the October the 13th at Gasometar (as usual venue point) the band will be playing.
We will be pleased if any of you share any kind of videos and photos from the gigs you've attended. And if someone accidentally comes upon the guys, please remind them that its high time to come over Bulgaria ;)

In 2004 HIM won the prize Golden Gods distributed by Metal Hammer and rocked out real hard for this occasion. See the video:

Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2004
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Video of the month - May 2013 - Into The Night
Less than a month after the release of Tears On Tape the album is at the very top of the charts of the best-seller album. In Finland and Germany the album is on the 2nd place. In Billboard Top Rock Album's classation it is  #1,  #1 on Vinyl, #3 on Rock, #3 on Alternative and #8 on Physical! In the States more than  20,000 copies were selled out only during the first week. This is the second album to achieve so intense sales since 2005 Dark Light. In general all was good until the beginning of the tour. At the very 1st gig, however, Ville had an asthma attack and the tour has been cancelled. What matters is that he is already feeling better and standing on his feet. Later on new dates for the autumn were released.

As for heartagram.com all seems to be under the veil of a huge mystery. Practically there is no website, but an amazing video of Linde and Lucifers Chorale is uploaded. :) 

A few lives from Finvoxx August 2012
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The unique video of All Lips Go Blue 
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Video of the month - Into The Night
Video of the month - April 2013
Here it comes, only a few days seperate us from the release of Tears on Tape. I guess you all have already listened to it and even have a favorite song. At least thats what I can say concidering the poll, where the battle is challenging! However, we have no information why after all the stuff that fell into the internet, there is still no videos for both Into The Night and All Lips Go Blue. In the same context the official webpage is still kept mute. This delay of the potential videoclips might be explained with a slight change into the plans ( like once upon a time when Buried Alive By Love was filmed before Funeral Of Hearts, but released weeks after) But this does not explain why only 5 days before the official release heartagram.com is a complete mess...although it is obvious....they will run it in 5 days! :D

Just on the second week Tears On Tape [single]  is in the winning-positions in radio Z-Rock TOP40! Keep voting every 24 hours - http://www.zrockbg.com/rock40

The logo of the webpage has been changed with the release of Tears On Tape era!!!

As for the video of the month:
Download Festival 2004 Diary
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Video of the month - March 2013
The photo session of the band for 2013 is available from Razor&Tie and in huuuge scale and quality in case you want to print them as a poster.

The video for All Lips Go Blue was filmed in the beginning of the week by Eugene Riecansky (Scared to Death, Ode To Solitude). The videos of Into The Night and Tears On Tape  are ready and already some people managed to see them. Probably on Monday-Tuesday they should be released into the web void!

This month we are choosing two videoclips :) for long those videos were almost impossible to find. I think this made them a bit special, and probably some people haven't seen them still. Enjoy! ;)
HIM - Poison Girl, Right Here In My Arms (Southside Festival 2000)

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