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Video of the Month
Video of the Month - May 2014

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Video of the month - April 2014
The American tour is finished and now our boys have pleanty of time for well-deserved rest. In Youtube you can find super cool clips from the tour like this one for instance -  03.04.2014 - El Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires Argentina 
As for the summer, they have 5-6 mre concerts and that's all folks ...well, let's hope they will use the leftover time for something "new" :)

 The Sacrament (Live @ MTV campus)
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Video of the Month - March 2014
The band is currently rocking in the US and this is gonna continue untill the 4th of April. Afterwards they will participate in a few summer festivals. Unfortunately, only 3 dates have been confirmed so far.

The ENd Records are planning to re- publish the old band's albums and this already has happened on a digital carrier in the States. Same thing but on a physical carrier is being expected during summer time. I am seriously hoping that there is going to be something interesting aftreall. Bonus track, demo, unpublished mixes or something of this sort....let's see... :) 

Something very shor, but in a very good quality for video of the month!

Sail On (Live At Turku 2002)
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Video of the Month - February 2014
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In 10 days period the band is starting their US tour, starting is Australia and going to the South and north America later on.
Follow up the summer festival dates that are soon gonna be added and do not miss the opportunity to be present at som eof them! :) Let's hope that till the end of the year they will reenter the srudio for some new stuff!
I wouldn't say that there is much competition into this poll, and yet keep voting ;)

One of the strongest trachs for the past year.

Hearts At War (Mera Luna 2013)   
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Video of the Month - January 2014
Happy New Years Everyone! I wishto each and every one of you at least a couple of concerts throughout the new year! :)

- Текстове - Tears On Tape
I am so sorry that it took us so long to prepare the new texts for the webcite. The year was a little tense, I suppose not just for us, so we barely found time for the webcite. However... the section is upgraded with the original texts of all songs. If you notice some mistakes, please do not hesitate to write to us, so we can fix them.

Which one is your favourite videoclip from  Tears On Tape?
- new poll -  let's see now! Into The Night and Tears On Tape were filmed togather, but the videos seem pretty much different :P

When Love Starts To Die won in the quest for most favourite song from Tears On Tape, followed by All Lips Go Blue and Love Without Tears.

Exactly ten years from this emblematic concert of the band, I was sure that we have release anoter video from this particular gig, but the archive shows otherwise :) Maybe the most rocking live of all times when it comes to this song....at least if you ask me... A pretty clear visual, why this song never stops being part of the setlist of the band. In the web one can still find the whole rip of the concert, which was broadcasted live on the national MTV3+ in the New Year's Eve ten years ago. Actually the direct broadcast included a few videos of the band, an interview with Bam Margera and the gig almost till the end... Actually the encore was not shown but was ripped and later on included in Love Metal Archive Vol.1. Enjoy!

It's All Tears (Live at Tavastia 01.01.2004)
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