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All Lips Go Blue hit the RADIO
While we are waiting for the new look of  heartagram.com - Monday evening at  24:00 All Lips Go Blue totally ruld over the radio stations in the UK. This is the most favourite track of Ville from  Tears On Tape. He says himself that the album will sound heavier and more melodious than ever... for now we can agree...:)

Thousands of copies are already sent to different media and promoters and  the reviews are terribly good! The emphasize is put on songs such as When Love Starts To Die, Hearts At War etc.. Obviously Tears On Tape looks like it might be the best that the band has ever made...да бъде най-доброто, което някога бандата е записвала...to spike the sceptics...

Into The Night - was announced as the first single to the album by Universal Music Finland, and the release of All Lips Go Blue shouldn't change the picture and probably would be included to the single or would be a singular radio single. Or maybe they changed their opinion at the very last moment and it will be the first single. All this is going to become clear in the next 2 weeks. Usually the videoclip is released a  month before the album itself, so there are only a few days to pass..

All about the album you could find in our forum while  All Lips Go Blue can be easily acceptable on youtube.

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