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Valentine's Gig, London (14.02.2010) -- Athea
Ок,  a little review from 14.02.2010, Secret Valentine’s Day gig in Relentless Garage, London. Wink 

Well as a whole with me it is always a complete madness when it comes to gigs. At first I had to travel from Edinburgh to London for 4 hours and I also almost failed at my exam on the way back , but those are just tiny details, completely inessential compared to HIM! Cool

So, the venue as you probably know already, is extremely small, for about 500 people top, and for that reason is something unusual as an experience to be on a concert there!The tickets were limited and were sold out for a night! On the gig itself you could get in only with a special T-shirt, designed for the night, that you receive via post about a week before the event. It is actually the ticket itself as there were no paper ones, meaning that you have to wear it on the night if you want to get in!  :D Everything was a compete madness till the end itself; there was no way to contact the website from where the tickets were purchased, and the hour when the doors open I only knew the night before the gig!
And so... I arrived in front of the Relentless Garage on 14.02 around 4 p.m. and lucky me it was the perfect timing to arrive as the queue was just starting to form and I was in the very beginning of it. After that the big madness started and not long after, the queue was shaping its way down the street. Every direction HIM fans with the typical clothes, heartagrams, tattoos, all with the very same T-shirt...one complete society!....there were some casual people passing that took picture of us :D …Everyone well prepared with food and drinks for the few hour waiting till the doors open. Photographers shooting pictures. I met quite a few people from different forums and societies and from the Italian Street Team and as a whole it was very fun until the mega terrible rain started pouring on us and we got so wet as there was no \ shelter to keep us dry, it was basically pouring straight! Me, personally, hadn't put much clothes on myself as I wasn't intending to waste time waiting for the cloak room!:D Eventually it stopped for a while and everyone was again talking until it started again, and it was barely  6:30 and freezing! But of course no one moved, and who would! Laughing

I was in the beginning of the queue , as I already mentioned, next to a long window into the wall of the club, and I was just talking with some people when suddenly into the room, on the other side of the window, wich was basically a mini bar, came Linde, with his amazing dreadlocks and started looking around; he saw me and the other 5 people, standing by the window, and smiled at us! All of us, super content and happy started joking again when Mige came as well, they spoke to each other a bit, and then he sat into the leather sofa and started playing with his mobile phone...then Gas joined them and we, on the outside, were just so happy  Wink....I was really uncomfortable staring at them and was trying not to, but actually they were more into that and were enjoying staring at us! Short after that some other people from their crew came and sat next to them...Mige went to the bar for a beer, wich was literary 5 steps from me, and I couldn't stand myself and had to wave to him smiling!Tongue out I can only imagine what an idiot I must have been as he laughed at me shortly and then enthusiastically waved his hands in respond!  Laughing  Then they all with a  pint in hand made a toast and started chilling. And on that background, we, the fans, were waiting outside, freezing and happy haha there's not such a thing! When the ones behind get to know that we see the guys they started coming trying to take pictures and so on, which is terrible as they are not some kind of an attraction or anything, but some people don't have limits!... Not long after that the security started letting us in! It was already late, passing  8 and they were suppose to let us at about 7:30. Speed is essential in that cases for finding a good position!The scene was extremely small, barely having room for all the equipment of the band, everything  so close,not breathing! I chose the middle part as there were more short people there! haha Tongue out I was at about the 3d row, quite close to the scene, at about 3 meters top from the mike. Sincerely , I have no idea how we all fit there, it was quite small, but extremely intimate atmosphere!The Dreamed private gig! Smile

And the waiting started. Everyone was quite nervous at some point as there was no supporting band as well  as  no air. I was with some people I met outside and we were chatting. I asked them if they know about HIMMANIA and they did! haha A little bit of promoting! We waited a lot, it became hard to breathe and a few people fainted. The security, very kind people, were giving away water and so on. Around 9:30 it was high time and we started calling the band. At the end Metallica songs stopped and there was a weird song playing, when the lights went off ...this was the long-waited moment! The guys came one by one and we went crazy. They, smiling, took their places and started with  Like St. Valentine, appropriate for the occasion....Ville came with a smile, greeted us and started singing! From all the concerts that I've been to this one was completely amazing! His voice is soo good, clear and rich! He was improvizing all the time, laughing and telling some stupid, funny things between the songs! All the 5 of them were extremely energetic and were interacting with the audiance, when someone from the crowd screamed something  Ville would answer and everyone would laugh! WinkThe typical HIM experience!

When playing the new songs Ville would stop singing at times to check if we know the lyrics, which we did know, so he would be happy as well as the whole band! Linde was amazing, playing his new solos and I am speachless how good he is every single time!It seemed like there was some kind of a problem with his guitar as they came about 4-5 times to check it, but nothing that could interrupt the beauty of the concert! At Right Here In My Arms Ville stopped singing (as it was horrible in the crowd, everyone pushing, I will not comment the lack of culture of the people) because there was a girl that fainted! So he made sure that she and everyone else is all right, told us to stop with the stupidities! Amazing of him!Smile ... The security took her out and she sent him a kiss for gratitude, he smiled and kept with the song.
The new songs sound truly beautiful live,  Disarm Мe was amazing, Katherine Wheel as well! Ville went out a couple of times , the first time before Poison Girl , saying that he is always ‘super fucking nervous’ and has some bladder issues Wink...then he felt like smoking and during the time he was absent the guys could have some fun playing and improvising. I will not lie, any of  those were  my favorite moment! I have never believed that I will hear THE Song, for which I have only dreamed, after they haven't played it for so long! When he said that they will play an old song something in me moved and as long as I heard the first sound something in me smiled with happiness... This was SHE!!! ...When Love Аnd Death Embrace…There is not such an experience, I wish it to everyone! Sonic Beauty! And seriously, then you could tell how many people in the crowd were true fans. Some didn't even know what was the song, they couldn't appreciate the exceptionality of this moment! A moment that lasted  6 minutes and 30 seconds, that will never fade away! One of the most beautiful things!

Of course the band didn't miss to play the usual songs like Join Me, BABL и Wicked Game, although I was hoping to hear some that I haven't before, but I guess it's too much to ask! Tongue out …in the end , exactly before the Funeral Of  Hearts someone screamed : ‘I love you!’ and Ville added in respond : ‘We love you, too. ‘..  and everyone started laughing againLaughing …they trowed the usual bras and other stuff, always with some funny comment coming from the band! When taking the bra Ville took it with two fingers, lifted it to his nose, smelled it and said : " Warm, just the way I like it!" and everyone burst into laughter!

And everything went to its end, so fast, that I couldn't believe it's over! On the outside they took a picture of me for some website and it is the only one of me, not of the band, that I possess! I decided that I'm not gonna wait for them to come out, because they mean too much to me and I wouldn't want  to spoil my idea about them only because of some accidental rudeness or indifference, and besides, I don't wanna be one of those annoying fans that the guys will not remember anyways. Some day, when the right time comes, I will meet them the way I want, without the crowds and so on! Smile ...What they do is more than enough...Soul Music.


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When Love And Death Embrace
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